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A Guide to Massage and Body Rubs


With the improvement of living standards and healthy lifestyles many people these days are considering body scrubs and massage. Most of them do it as a luxury or with medical benefits. Body rubs and massages are the most effective and the simplest way to exfoliate and to moisturize the dead skin as you massage the muscles. Most tend to think that body scrubs are simply salt and sugar but its content is more than that. You can opt to use the plethora of oils with natural ingredients for the rejuvenating scrub. For more information and tips about scrubs check the ones below.


The first step would be to buy a scrub or to only make it for yourself.it all depends on what you want. In many body care stores, you can easily get olive oil scrubs that look gently in moisture as they exfoliate. Know your skin type and do a proper research while at it.


The second step will be to make sure that the body wishes to apply the scrub on is moist and warm. You can start by doing some gentle massage on it.You can choose to speed up the process by placing a wet cloth or damp towel on the body.But make sure that the person is fully relaxed and is not nursing any form of injury or pain that may be causing any discomfort before you start. Know more here!


The third step is to apply some small amounts of body scrubs in particular areas, for example, the upper back, arms, feet, and hands. For this step, you need a gentle massage to enable you to work the scrub into those areas. With time you can apply even more pressure if the person is in a position to tolerate it so that it can be more thorough. Then periodically you can ease up the pressure then return to gentle rubbing motion which focuses on getting the scrub into the skin. For further details regarding Massage Therapy, go to http://www.ehow.com/how_7609472_design-spa-floor-plan.html.


In the last and final step, place the damp cloth or the wet towel on the areas that you have already applied the scrub and already massaged. Then, later on, wipe off the skin to remove any residue that may have settled on the surface. After that, you n then need to use thick body moisturizer or cream to moisturize the area and also help to lock in all the moisture and the nutrients that are provided by the body scrub.


In this time and age this time and age there are a lot of choices when it comes to massage techniques that can help you alleviate pain, go here to know more!